One of the things we are very passionate about is living healthier lives.  There are so many pieces to the wellness puzzle.  Being fit and healthy takes work – and it pays off, big time.

Healthy diet. Nutrition is such an important part of keeping our bodies running properly.  Our bodies need fresh vegetables and fruits, quality protein, and healthy fats.  Changes in diet can come in baby steps – a little goes a long way!

Water. Staying hydrated will help just about every aspect of your well-being.  Your body will thank you for choosing the pure goodness of water.

Exercise. This is probably where many of us would say that we struggle with the most with consistency.   Pick something you like and stick with it…. even if it’s short, daily consistency will pay off!

Sleep. Your body functions better, your days are more productive, and your mind is sharper and clearer when you’re rested. Give your body the time it needs to refuel and energy it needs to function properly.

Essential Oils. This is an area that both of us have added to our health puzzle over the past couple of years.  Essential oils are basically concentrated forms of the “life blood” of plants.  Have you ever broken a leaf or stem and seen a liquid ooze out?  That, essentially, is what we are referring to – a concentrated form of the life blood of plants.   We have found oils to be a very powerful and effective key to feeling our best physically.  They are truly well-being game changers.  

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