Why You Should Wear All the Babies

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When a new baby joins the family, the pace of life inevitably slows.  The priorities shift to feedings, diapers, cuddles, and nap times.  One thing that doesn’t go away is the daily routine of meals, errands, laundry, and tidying.  Mom’s hands are full and her plate just got fuller.
I remember well how overwhelmed I felt as a first time mom four years ago! Simple tasks like folding laundry suddenly seemed impossible… they needed to be done, but not at the expense of sacrificing time with my baby.  
Enter the time-honored, global tradition of babywearing.  I loved that I could snuggle my baby and still stay on top of the daily happenings.  With my second born, I discovered another plus: it made snuggles easier during those long, hard days of teething.  Now, with my third baby, I’m loving that I can still keep up with my toddlers and keep my baby close by.
What carriers have I tried? What are the pros and cons?
Wrap Carriers.  My wrap-style carrier (think Moby, Solly, etc.) was my initiation into babywearing.  It gave me the courage I needed to go grocery shopping for the very first time alone with the baby.
Pros: Soft and stretchy.  Readily available. (Even stores like Target and Walmart offer this style)
Cons: Hot. Difficult to use. (Unless you like feeling like a ninja all while juggling a baby)
Soft Structured Carriers.  After becoming frustrated with the complicated wrap carrier, I purchased a soft structured carrier (such as a Boba, Ergo, Lillebaby, etc.).  It was a great experience, but lacked a few conveniences I desired. 
Pros: Supportive.  Great for long carries and bigger babies.
Cons: Bulky (you can’t just toss it your diaper bag). Difficult to safely situate newer babies (who often want to be worn more frequently).
Ring Slings.  My third baby has been much more picky about being worn.  He’s had some pretty difficult tummy issues and needs a lot of Mommy snuggles, but my wrap and structured carriers were met with very low tolerance.  At the suggestion of my midwife, I pulled the trigger and purchased a ring sling.  He slept for two hours the very first time I wore him.  I’ve tried a few different ring slings for fun since they’ve worked so well for us and can safely say, linen (from a company such as True North Ring Slings) is my favorite.  The sling took babywearing from something I did for convenience to something I did because I truly loved wearing my baby
Pros: Even picky babies seem happy in a sling.  Easily adaptable from tiny newborns to toddlers.  Quick to adjust (I love having an alternative to lugging around a heavy car seat).  Strong supportive fabric that’s still soft enough for delicate babies.  Compact (can easily fold and stash in your diaper bag for on-the-go days).
Cons: Slight learning curve (well worth it!). Needs a short breaking in period (there are lots of great short cuts and resources for this!)
I strongly believe that next to a quality car seat, my ring sling is the most worthwhile baby equipment purchase we have made. Hands down.
We are THRILLED to be partnering with Alberta-based True North Ring Slings to bring you a giveaway! I recently purchased a beautiful gray ring sling (with to-die-for rose gold rings) from this amazing company.  I’ve been nothing short of impressed by their quality and their customer service.  I’ve received almost instant responses from them when I’ve reached out with questions – and they’ve been so personable (even giving me the fun fact that I was their first Texas customer!). 

Using high-quality linen sourced from Europe, they offer a wonderful range of colors from classic neutrals to vibrant hues.  They are unique in that they offer several lengths to choose from (no worries if you’re tall or broad shouldered! They’ve got you covered!).  Their slings meet all safety standards (both mandatory and voluntary), so you can rest easy knowing that your baby is safe.  More than anything, I love that is company is mommy-owned!

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Do you “wear” your baby? Leave a comment below and tell us.

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  1. Thanks for the coupon code! I’ve been eyeing their 1.5 in blush and this made it more affordable .
    I already have three of their singles and my baby loves to be worn! Lots of sleepy dust 🙂

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