How to Look Pregnant & Cute – 6 Tips to Make Assembling Your Maternity Wardrobe a Breeze

How to look pregnant and cute: wardrobe tips!

I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of my third full-term pregnancy.  Each time I figure out a little bit more of what is practical, what’s worth skipping, and what is worth investing in.  It’s worth noting that all of my pregnancies have begun in late spring/early summer and lasted to winter/early spring, so my perspective may be different from the mama who is full term in the heat of August.  Also…. I’m not a fashion consultant.  These are just some things I’ve figured out by trial an error.

untitled-designSkip the maternity jeans.  Finding the perfect pair of jeans is challenging enough when you’re not pregnant!  Add in a a growing belly full of baby and it gets even more complicated. From my experience, finding a cut or length that works for you can be hard — and expensive.  On this third go around, I’ve discovered that a simple belly band has been an amazing solution.  There is a possibility that you may have to go up a size in your regular jeans as you get well into your third trimester, but I would rather spend money on a pair of jeans that will work well postpartum instead of a pair of maternity jeans that will quickly become too big after having my baby.

untitled-design-1Focus on basics. Following a capsule wardrobe can be really helpful when pregnant – focus on staple pieces that mix and match to create dozens of combinations.  Tees in solid colors and basic patterns (like stripes), a nice blouse or two, a pair or two of jeans (and/or shorts depending on the season), a good versatile dress, a couple of skirts in varying lengths, a cardigan, blazer, or other outerwear item and you’re well on your way to lots of combinations.  The BumpStart line from Motherhood Maternity has some fantastic staples (for instance, the tees have longer lengths and slightly higher necks than the average maternity cuts).

untitled-design-2Think beyond maternity pieces. Focus on pieces that you can wear while pregnant, during your postpartum phase, and at your normal size, too.  Maxi skirts are some of my favorites in this category!  They are stretchy, comfortable, and can be used for just about any season.  A lightweight blouse or tank with some cute sandals for summer or a cardigan with a scarf and cute pair of flats for cooler weather.  Target and Old Navy both consistently have maxi skirts in both staple solid colors and fun patterns.  I think having a solid black and a good striped number are a good start.

untitled-design-5Pass on whites and lights.  Generally dark colors are more flattering and slimming, while whites and lights aren’t so much.  A couple of exceptions to this that you might consider:  When you’re in the earlier stages of your pregnancy, you likely won’t be as concerned about finding a slimming cut and if you happen to have a summer pregnancy, you may want to incorporate some lighter colors to keep you cooler during warm months.

untitled-design-4Layer, layer, layer.  I’ve found layering my pieces to be the best way by far to keep some variety going while pregnant.  Simple vests, lightweight jackets, cute cardigans can really change up a look.  (This can also help get more life out of your warmer weather clothing once fall and winter set in.)

untitled-design-3Don’t stop accessorizing.  Many maternity pieces only come in basic colors, so having an array of scarves, necklaces, etc. can really help to spruce it up.  I like have a long simple necklace (something like this can go a long way with a simple black tee), a couple statement necklaces (I’ve gotten a ridiculous amount of wear out of my inexpensive bubble necklace that I found on Amazon), and a multicolor patterned scarf or two.

Leave a comment below and tell us YOUR favorite maternity wardrobe tip!

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