Christmas with Little People – Part Three: What We’re Giving Our Kids This Year

Gift ideas for little ones

In the first part of this series, I mentioned a few rules of thumb to simplify gift giving.  Our family loosely follows this one:
“Something they want,
Something they need,
Something to wear,
and Something to read”.  

At the request of a reader, I’m sharing what gifts we are giving our two boys.  As I said, we follow the 4 Gifts rule loosely.  We’ve tweaked it to fit our family better – focusing a little more heavily on books and movies this year.  We’re focusing on various media because Baby Boy #3 is due shortly after Christmas and books, movies, and music are ways we’ve found to easily connect and spend time with our boys.  We’re also seeking to be very intention this year in giving our boys quality Christian materials.

Our boys are both toddlers.  Our oldest, Nolan, is 3 1/2 years old (he’ll be 4 in March) and Asher, our youngest is 2 (Practically.  His birthday is 10 days after Christmas.).  Nolan is our baby philosopher – he can be occupied for house building and studying how things work, enjoys reading and asking dozens of questions per book, and is our deep thinker.  Asher is equally bright- but completely opposite of his brother.  Asher is always on the move, finding abundant joy in well-planned antics, dancing the moment the beat drops, and running, walking, and climbing.

What We’re Giving Our 3 1/2 Year Old (Nolan’s Gifts)
Lego Duplo Truck & Excavator Building Set  – Each boy is getting one toy/toy set.  Nolan has really been enjoying Duplos in recent months – and he loves construction vehicles.  All Duplo sets are compatible with each other, so we’re adding to his collection with this fun set.
The Biggest Story: How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden – One of our greatest delights as parents is teaching our boys God’s Word in a way that is understandable by children – without losing the depth and richness.  Since Nolan’s birth the Jesus Storybook Bible has been a family favorite!  It’s falling apart – literally – so each boy is getting a new Bible storybook.  The Biggest Story is technically a little old for Nolan, but it will give us room for lots of discussion and room to grow into.  The way the text is written is enthralling – and will definitely capture the attention of my thinker and wild imagination boy!  Plus, the illustrations are colorful and captivating.
Theo 5 DVD Set – Both boys will receive a movie or movie set.  We have found a variety of educational shows that they enjoy on Amazon Prime, so we’re focusing on giving them DVDs this Christmas that are Gospel-rich.  The Theo series is perfect…. classic Disney-style animation, beautiful soundtrack, solid theology, hymns, and condensed (but true to the Book) Bible stories, all neatly packed into 10-15 minute episodes that my big boy will be drawn into.  This 5 DVD includes over 4 1/2 hours of these episodes.
The Ology – Nolan especially enjoys listening to music in the van, so we’re giving him this new album from Sovereign Grace Music.  The Ology walks through the high points of Christianity track by track, covering the concepts of the sovereignty of God, the reality of sin, the provision of a Savior, the return of Christ and more. 

What We’re Giving Our 2 Year Old (Asher’s Gifts)
Gas ‘n Go Mower
 Asher loves helping with household chores and he loves push toys, so this toy was a perfect fit.  Complete with gas canister, knobs and pulls, and fun sounds, this will keep him playing happily for a long time.
Big Picture Story Bible  For his “something to read” gift, Asher will receive the Big Picture Story Bible.  I like the look of this one – colorful pictures and simple (but yet meaningful) text will hold the attention of my mover and shaker.
Praise Baby: Born to Worship The Praise Baby series is similar to the now hard-to-find Baby Einstein series.  Each DVD features fun colors, shapes, and pictures all set to calm praise and worship music.  The DVD gives several playback options for the music: instrumental, children singing, or an adult vocalist.

Something to Wear 
For this category, we have traditionally given our boys matching Christmas pajamas.  They will receive these as wrapped gifts on Christmas Eve.  This time, I bought their PJs at Target on a buy-one-get-one sale several weeks ago.  This is also a great way to slash the “something they need” category, too, by keeping them set on warm pajamas that fit their ever growing bodies.

We’re following a similar strategy as the 4 Gifts for the boys’ stockings (although I have no cute rhyme… ha!).  
-This year they are both receiving Melissa & Doug Water Wows as their big stocking gift.  Nolan’s is car themed and Asher’s features ocean creatures.  
-I’m splitting up a special set of socks between the two of them (they are close enough in size that their sock size is the same!).
Snacks.  We’re going smart on this one and going easy on the sugary treats… Did you know that kids find other snacks to be special, too? πŸ˜‰ The boys will each get some mini Larabar snacks and Apple Go-Go Squeeze pouches.
Small toys.  Asher has a stuffed puppy that has a special place in his heart.  We’ve decided to give him the same puppy in another color as a fun stocking surprise.  For Nolan, we picked up a couple Thomas Minis Mystery Trains.

We’re excited about the gifts we’re giving our boys… they are chosen intentionally and won’t add a lot of clutter to our home.

Leave a comment below and tell us what carefully chosen gifts you will give your children this year!

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2 thoughts on “Christmas with Little People – Part Three: What We’re Giving Our Kids This Year

  1. You told me about this a couple of months ago, and I thought it was a great idea. So this year is looking like this:

    Child #1:
    Something they want: She’s getting her very first lego junior (pony stable) set.
    Something they need: Her very first, real Bible.
    Something to wear: A new shirt and a pair of “doggie” house shoes.
    Something to read: The complete collection of Little House on the Prairie books.

    Child #2:
    Something they want: His first lego junior set (construction set).
    Something they need: A bicycle (his sisters both have one, but he does not as of yet).
    Something to wear: A new shirt and a pair of Lightning McQueen house shoes.
    Something to read: The original Thomas the Tank Engine book.

    Child #3:
    Something they want: A Lil’ Woodzee house and family set.
    Something they need: Hair clips and hair bows.
    Something to wear: A new outfit (tunic and leggings combo) and new (much needed) pajamas.
    Something to read: The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

    Child #4:
    Something they want: A “giant” stuffed elephant, which I’m sure will bring much joy in the coming years.
    Something they need: Some new teething toys.
    Something to wear: A new outfit and pajamas to wear in the Spring.
    Something to read: A soft paged book with crinkly pages and a ring to chew on.

    For their stockings, I made the older three each an apron to wear when they “help” around the house. For the baby, I made a new blanket with his initial on it. I’m planning to also add some healthy trail mix, and perhaps some applesauce packets to the older kids’ stockings as well. Writing it down, it all sounds like a lot…but I actually paid very little for everything. All books (excepting the Bible) were bought at Half Price Bookstore, and all toys were bought using gift cards I earned from rebates and scanning receipts. Clothes were bought off the clearance racks, using $10 coupons at JCPenney. And the bike, we found on sale. Thus, while I feel like they’re getting a lot, I actually paid way less for their gifts than I usually do. Which of course, makes me really happy. πŸ˜‰ I can’t wait for Christmas!!!!

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