25 Ways to Make Someone’s Day

25 Ways to Make Someone's Day

I’ve had a few experiences lately – from a stranger who told me genuinely that I was doing a good job as a mama (with a shopping cart full of restless toddlers) to having someone offer to return my grocery cart for me – and they really served to remind me that sometimes it’s the smallest, simplest things that impact your day.  Everyone could use a little added sunshine in their day, don’t you think?  A growing trend in recent years has been the concept of RAOK (random acts of kindness).  There are lots of ideas and suggestions and we wanted to add to the trove by sharing 25 free (or almost free!) ways that you can really brighten someone’s day.  

1. Look them in the eye when you’re talking.  (A simple way to engage in conversation and show them that you’re listening!)
2. SMILE!  (It really might be the highlight of their day.)
3. Compliment their name.  (This recently happened twice in one day to me…. and it truly made my day!)
4. Tell them one thing you like about them. (i.e.- I love your smile, You have the greatest sense of style, etc.)
5. Ask how they’re really doing. (And than take time to listen and accept honest answers, be they good or bad.)
6. Let them go ahead of you in the check out line.  (It’ll only add a couple extra minutes to your shopping trip.)
7. Pick up the tab of the car behind you in the Starbucks drive thru.  (Because free coffee or tea is guaranteed to make anyone’s day!)
8. Hold the door for them. (Take time to put someone else first!) 
9. Show interest in them — ask them questions and give them permission to talk about themselves.  (This is such a great way to instantly make connections with people!)
10. Pass up the better parking spot.  (Walking a couple extra feet ain’t gonna kill ya!)

11. Call them by name.  (Growing up my mom always told me that people love to hear their name! She’s right! It honors others and shows that you value them to take a tiny second extra to call them by name.)
12. Give them “just because” flowers.  (Sunshine in a vase!) 
13. Ask how their family members doing.  (Show some genuine interest in their lives and the people they love the most.  Bonus: See how little you can talk about yourself.)
14. Take them a plate of cookies.  (Cookies are a universal love language.)
15. Leave an anonymous note of encouragement. (A note on a co-workers desk?  “You’re beautiful” scribbled on a sticky note in a public restroom?)
16. Ask how work is going.  (Show some interest in the thing they spend the majority of their time doing.)
17. Offer a sincere apology when you mess up.  (Be specific, ask forgiveness, and – if you have the courage – give them permission to keep you accountable in the future.)
18. Buy a homeless person a hot meal.  (Another idea could be to keep a fast food gift card or two in very small amounts to have to a person in need.)
19. Give them your full attention – put your phone down when you’re talking with someone.  (And for pity’s sake…. please show a little respect to your cashier by extending them this simple courtesy!)
20. Tell a young mom that she’s doing a great job.  (I had a cartful of restless toddlers – and someone took the time to genuinely encourage me! That meant the world in a stressful moment!) 
21. Offer to unload an elderly person’s grocery cart at the check out.  (I actually had an older man unload my cart for me at Sam’s a few weeks ago!  Such a kind gesture!) 
22. Drop a “thinking of you” note in the mail.  (Notice… I didn’t say text. I didn’t say e-mail. Snail mail.  It’s a rare effort these days and people REALLY appreciate.)
23. Leave a thoughtful comment instead of automatically clicking the “like” button.  (It only takes two extra seconds to leave a personal note!)
24. Introduce yourself to your neighbors.  (Wouldn’t it be nice to actually wave and say, “Hi, Joe!” instead of awkwardly smiling across the street?)
25. Leave a bottle of water for your carrier in the mailbox.  (We did this a couple times during the summer – leaving a frozen bottle out in the morning, so that it was thawed and icy cold by the time she came by – and she left a really nice THANK YOU note the next day!  Again… amazed at the big impact little things can have!)


Leave a comment below and tell us about something simple that someone did that completely made your day!

25 simple ways to make someone's day- great ideas!

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