The 2016 Canvas & Table Gift Guide for Men, Women, & Children

Christmas Gift Guide for Men, Women, & Children
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It’s that time of the year, folks!  Christmas is just weeks away and your Christmas shopping list is awaiting your magic touch.  You pile into the car, swing through the driveway for a tall PSL or peppermint mocha, wait for an hour at the mall for a parking space to free up…. and then it hits you.  You have no idea what to buy that special person on your shopping list.  Drat.

*Cue Magic Harp Effect*
Not to worry.  We’ve put together an expansive guide to help your Christmas shopping come to a satisfying end.  (Gift wrap and shipping not included.)

Gift ideas

Monthly Box Gifts
A really fun trend right now are curated boxes, created to appeal to the special interests of your special person.  Many of them offer 1 month or 3 month options (or you can go ahead and gift a full year if you budget accommodates).
Ipsy.  For the gal in your life who loves to experiment with makeup, Ipsy sends a cute little bag, plus 5 trial size makeup and skin care items. ($10/mo)
LitJoy Crate. What a fun idea for your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews, or other cool kid on your list.  Each monthly box consists of 2 or 3 specially chosen books (that are selected based on the age of said cool kid, starting as young as 2 years old).  Also included are special learning toys, snacks, or crafts ideas that go along with the book themes. ($29/mo)
Harry’s.  Help your dude stay sharp and gift him with  fresh blades and shaving products. (Starting at $3/mo)
Happy Mail (from A Beautiful Mess). With $50 worth of stationary, paper pads, wall artprints, and more, it’s completely obvious why this monthly box is called “Happy Mail”! They also offer a similar box that majors in craft supplies.  (As low as $15/mo)
She Reads Truth Autoship.  Give the gift of intentional and focused time in God’s Word.  Each month your recipient will receive at least one beautiful study guide (some for topical studies and some covering solitary books of the Bible).  There’s a version for men as well.  ($24/mo)
Graze. For the person whose love language is food, send them a box full of specialty snacks.  Boxes are customizable for likes and dislikes; however this is probably not ideal for people with nut or wheat allergies. ($11.99/mo)
BarkBox. This is for the dog person on your list.  Each box includes a special assortment of treats, toys, and other goodies especially for Fido. (Begins at $20/mo)
Date Box. A great couples’ gift.  Each box includes an assortment of specially curated date night activities (with a new theme each month, such as travel) to help couples plan more meaningful date nights at home. (Ranges from $27-$35/mo)
FabFitFun Box. This is the “new thing” in boxes, because it is a huge box with tons of stuff (to the tune of $200 dollar’s worth) and it comes quarterly (but we’re putting it in here, anyway). Look out for some coupons as several have been offering them for up to $10 off your first box. (Ranges from $45-$50/quarter)

Gifts of experience

Gifts of Experience
There’s a growing trend that we LOVE and that is giving gifts that don’t amount to simply more “things”.  This is ideal for individuals who don’t really need anything, for those who are working towards minimalism, or for young families who might not need more toys, but would love to add to the treasury of family memories. Plus, in a culture of millennials who love to experience, you can hardly go wrong with one of these.
•Movie Tickets. Because everyone enjoys a show now and again!
•Concert Tickets. Consider giving this gift “early” and making it tickets to a special Christmas concert.
•Yearly Passes. Zoo, museum, aquarium, etc. would all be wonderful places to for individuals and families alike to visit several times over the course of a year.
Travel Cube. Earmark money for travel and gift them this cube so they can begin saving for those trips they’ve been wanting to go on!

Gifts with a purpose

Gifts with a Purpose
Some people prefer to have donations made in their honor to carefully selected charities or causes. If you aren’t sure where to start, take a look at this shortlist of some organizations we’ve selected:
Compassion International.  With donation options beginning at less than $10, this is a creative way to give to families in need around the world, equipping them with the skills & tools they need to get out of poverty.
KOFAEL. This non-profit operates in Haiti, giving women micro-loans to help them start a business and prevent children from unnecessarily entering orphanages due to lack of income in the family. 
Show Hope. This organization both provides medical care to orphans in China and helps funds adoption aid & grants across the globe. With a belief in family preservation and reunification before adoption, due to the large amount of children in orphanages whose families simply can’t afford them, Show Hope stewards their contributions towards doing what is best for the child & family. 
King’s Ransom Foundation. An incredibly well-planned effort in some of the most impoverished places in the world to establish villages, improve the quality of life, and empower families to live sustainably within their community.  Every penny goes directly to the actual effort, not administrative costs.
•Fair Trade Gifts. While not a direct monetary donation, it’s a nice way to purchase from international artisans and insure that they are being paid fairly, instead of being taken advantage of, for cheap labor.  Look up Ten Thousand Villages, Fair Indigo, or Global Goods Partners to get started.  You’ll find everything from home goods, coffee, chocolate, jewelry and beyond.

Cozy reading spot for Christmas

Good Reads  
For the person in your life who loves a good book, consider these gift options:
Personal Library Kit. The perfect gift for the friend who has an extensive library and hates losing their books to friends who don’t return, this kit is a great way to make your friend laugh and set them up to start enjoying lending out books again with this fun library retention set.
A Book Lover’s Journal. This journal is the perfect tool for the die-hard book fan, who wants to keep a record of the books they’ve read, journal their reviews, and much, more more.
Bookworm Journal. Much like the above-mentioned journal, this is perfect for kids and their parents to enjoy together!
•Snack Kits. Have you ever been invited to a reading party? Something you’re sure to find is some snacks to enhance the experience. Give you gift-loving friend the gift of reading snacks- choose from all natural snack kitscheese and meat samplersfruit trays, tea sets, and more.
Magnolia Story. Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco, Texas have been a smashing success from the dynamic duo behind HGTV’s Fixer Upper. Their story of faith is hilarious, heart-warming, and may make you shed a tear or two.
Farm Anatomy.  A super fun guide to all things agriculture for families to look through.
The Compound Effect. Have an entrepreneur on your gift list? This book from the man at the helm of SUCCESS magazine is an affordable way to help your friend or family member make the most of the coming year, with tried and true success strategies for compounding the results of your efforts.
How to Win Friends and Influence People. Give the gift of time-honored personal development training.
StrengthsFinder 2.0. For the person in your life who loves learning more about themselves, this nationally best-selling program gives them access to discovering their top 5 natural strengths. 
The Best Yes. This book comes from the president of Proverbs 31 Ministries and is the perfect gift for the woman in your life seeking to grow in making wise decisions about what she puts her hands to.
•Daily Devotional. Want to give a gift that last all year long? Consider these choices from Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes, Charles Stanley, A.W. Tozer, Myles Munroe, Beth Moore, and more. 
Sacred Marriage. Perfect for the Christian couples in your life, married and unmarried, the premise of this book is, “what if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy?”. 
The Chronicles of Narnia or The Lord of the Rings. Oldies but goodies, these book sets are perfect for the fantasy lover in your life.

Gag Gifts
Everyone knows that person who loves to give and receive humorous gifts- and if that’s you (or the person on your list), look no further! We’ve got you covered.
Hangry Kits. That’s right; there is no better way to tell someone that sometimes they can tend to get a bit cranky when they’re hungry than with a fantastic Hangry kit, a box simply filled with plenty of packages for a snack attack. This is ideal for you not-so-health-conscious friend who regularly experiences snacking emergencies.
Coffee Brewer + Shower Head Combo. It might seem a bit outlandish to spend nearly $7 on a box, but giving your friend or family member a coffee maker-showerhead combo (with your real gift inside this Prank Pack) and seeing all the looks you get is so worth it. Perfect for that person who loves time management or coffee a liiiittle too much.
An Attachable Arm. iArm, another Prank Pack, gives the phone or tablet lover in your life something that pokes fun at how much they love their technology. 
Bacon Bandages. Know someone who really loves bacon? Get them the bandages to make them feel better all throughout the year. 
Muffin Tops silicone muffin molds. One word: Minions.
Like and Dislike Stamps. Perfect for your opinionated friends with pent-up energy this election season!
Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray. This toilet spray is for before-you-squat and great for practical use & giggles. Want to make a DIY version? Try our fabulous recipe here.
Mermaid Tail Blanket. Oh, it’s a very real trend and some woman in your life would love to have one, too.

Great games for Christmas

Exploding Kittens. The game that has taken young adults everywhere by storm, this is perfect for the millennial crowd to have some fun staying alive to win it all.
Pie Face. Another of the year’s most popular games, this game is great for children and adults alike who don’t care about getting their faces dirty.
Watch Ya’ Mouth. The last of this year’s big hitters, this game is much more sanitary than you might think- it includes 10 mouth retractors (to be washed after each game, of course) and is a sure way to make the entire family roll laughing (be sure to watching the video at this link to fully understand the game). 
Battle of the Sexes. This oldie-but-goodie is great for gatherings, pitting men and women against one another in a game of gender-based common knowledge.
Pandemic. A fun, yet very challenging cooperative board game.
Machi Koro. Build your city by collecting cards and rolling dice in this boardless Monopoly-type concept.
Qwixx. It’s similar to Yahtzee, but with faster game play.
Ticket to Ride. Highly entertaining and less cut-throat alternative to Risk, your goal is to build your railroad across the country as you follow your mission cards.
Catan Dice Game. A super light version of the classic strategy game.
The Game of Life – Electronic Banking. It’s the classic board game – without hundreds of pieces of paper money.

Gift ideas for men

For the Men
Tree Hut Handmade Wooden Watches. This is such a unique and sharp idea, using bands and watch faces made from bamboo.)
Slow brand Watches. While this is definitely more of a splurge gift, it’s an unusual concept. Slow Watches utilize a 24 hour watch face to aid you in better pacing your day and budgeting your time.
Watch Case. A true watch lover has more than a couple watches in his collection, and this case is everything you need to take your guy’s watch game to another level.
Qalo Silicone Wedding Rings. These rings are perfect for the guy who loves to hike, run, or has an intense occupation that could cause damage to his “nice” wedding band.  Because they are silicone, they accommodate for fingers swollen from the heat better than traditional rings. These are super affordable, providing him a way to still wear a ring, without risking an expensive replacement.
Nice Messenger Bag. Perfect for the guy that needs his laptop available on the go, this sleek design is perfect for the student or tech guy looking to look smart and fashionable and upgrade from a backpack. 
Briefcase. The businessman in your life would appreciate this sturdy man bag, which allows plenty of space for paperwork, gadgets, a computer, and more, while providing a look of finesse at a practical price. 
Beard Balm. For that guy who rocks the beard, help him keep it groomed and soft.
Beard Oil. A favorite for all bearded men, help them take care of their hair and skin with some essential oil love. (Use our number, 1602685, in both boxes when you order)
Nintendo Nes Classic Edition. Provide a little retro fun with this blast from the past!
XBOX One or Playstation 4. Get the guy in your life the most up-to-date console if he enjoys current games and needs a new system. 
Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones. You saw Michael Phelps with them at the Summer 2016 Olympics. Why? Because over-ear headphones are all the rage right now and Beats can’t be beat! If your guy loves headphones, he probably wants these. If he prefers ones better for being active, try these instead. 
Tile Key Finder. Because no one likes lost keys and it connects to your smartphone.

For the Women
Adult Coloring Books. If the woman you’re shopping for is artistic, she is likely to be all about the adult coloring book craze and would be more than happy to get some more to add to her collection. 
Little House on the Prairie Coloring Book. If she loves coloring and literature, the beautiful and quaint pictures from the well-loved Little House on the Prairie series will be just perfect for her!
Watercolor Pencils. Making water colors cool and easy for adults to use, too!
Creative Journaling Bible. Let her color and draw in this form of artistic worship in a specially-made Bible, just for this purpose.
Write the Word Journals. Perfect for those who aren’t artistically bent but love writing, this journal is beautiful and simple.
•A Planner. Set the planner in your life up with something they will absolutely adore all year long!
•Artistic prints. Try one of these or something on Etsy to add some color to the life of the person you’re shopping for.
•New makeup. Check out a list of some favorites here
Essential Oils Creme Masque. Give the lady in your life something luxurious for her skin with this fantastic creme masque from Young Living. (Use our number, 1602685, in both boxes when you order)
Qalo Silicone Wedding Rings. These rings are also great for the athlete, nurse, hairdresser, or stay-at-home-mom-who-washes-dishes-all-day on your list- or anyone else who doesn’t want to risk snagging or dinging their nice ring during their workday.
Bath Bombs. For any woman interested in relaxing!
Modern Initial Canvas Tote. These totes are well rated, fabulous, and perfect for the woman who loves a bag in your life.
Bluetooth Shower Speaker. Because singing in the shower is fun! AND, this is the best way to enjoy a bubble bath with those bath bombs.
Himalayan Salt Lamp. These are all the rage this year, so be sure to get these for the woman who likes to keep it natural and fresh.
She Believed She Could So She Did Socks. Perfect for the student, athlete, businesswoman, mom, or just about any woman in your life, these inspirational socks will help the lady you’re buying for feel loved, supported, and believed in.
Hipster Beanie. Help your dearest hipster stay warm this winter with these fabulous beanies.
Travel Toiletry Hanging Case. Great for the adventurous student, traveling businesswoman, or anyone in your life that stays away from home from time to time, this bag with help her stay put together.
Fingerless Mittens. These cute and stylish mittens are perfect for staying warm and fashionable.
Essential Oils Diffuser. A new diffuser is a great gift for any lady- and make sure to get her some oils while you’re at it, too!

Gift ideas for kids for Christmas

For the Kids
Noah: A Wordless Picture Book. A truly stunning visual for the Biblical story of Noah, containing only pictures.  What a great way for children to follow along, as parents teach this story to them.
Melissa and Doug Car Carrier.  Many kids love this delightfully simple wooden car carrier!
Count Your Chickens.  This is a great introductory board game for youngsters- and we love the fact that it incorporates cooperative game play.
Theo. This simple, wonderful Biblical storytelling is great for fascinating your children when they get too old for nap time but still need some rest time.
Soccer Ball. Soccer is only becoming more popular- get a new ball for the little athlete in your life.
Hatchimals. If you’re in the know about this year’s biggest toy craze, you know these hatching animal toys are almost completely sold out everywhere, leading to a parental craze of stalking all the nearest stores, awaiting new inventory. Due to that, prices are really high at retailers outside of your Target/Toys R Us/Walmart, but stay tuned for when these toys go back to their normal pricing.
Art Set. The artistic child in your life would love this 131-piece art set, perfect for the budding artist.
Melissa & Doug Stamp Set. Help them get creative with stamps!
Melissa & Doug Beading Set. Get one of these for the young girls in your life.
Pop-up Princess Castle. Great for napping or playing, this adorable castle is perfect for the little princess in your life.
Pop-Up Play Tent. Let them play with two play areas and a tunnel!
Walkie Talkies. The intrigue of walkie talkies is still alive for many kids today. Help them explore and imagine with this fun short-range radio.
Magnet Globe Set. Want to make magnets and globes cool again? Take one look at this, perfect for any child’s room!
Essential Oils Diffuser. For the oily kids in your life, get them their very own diffuser.
LED Touch Nightlight. Perfect for kids of any age, this touch nightlight is a great way to add ambiance and a feeling of safety to the room of any kid you know.
Science Kit. Help the adventurous and intellectual alike learn about STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) principles with this fun kit.
Race Car Track. Help the real little ones have fun racing with this car track.
Remote Control Car. Help the older ones race and improve their reaction skills with this gift we all wanted as children.
LEGO Star Wars Kit. Let them build it with this Star Wars speeder kit.

Want even more ideas? Check out our gift guide from last year for many more gift suggestions! Looking for some smaller ideas? Check out 101 stocking stuffer ideas in our Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Guide!

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