The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Guide

101 brilliant stocking stuffer ideas from this ultimate stocking stuffer guideChoosing gifts (and wrapping them) is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.  I totally understand and take to heart that Christmas is about FAR more than gifting, but it is a special part and I love taking the time to really think through what that person would like and what would make them feel special.  

My favorite gifts of Christmas are stocking stuffers! While I realize this is different in each family, for us stockings has always been a highlight of Christmas morning.  It can be hard to come up with ideas for stockings stuffers that are both unique and affordable, so I’ve come up with a list of 101 (ONE HUNDRED AND ONE, folks!) ideas to get you started!  

1. Their favorite chocolate
2. A hard-to-find “vintage” candy
3. Poptarts
4. Smoked cheese 
5. Gourmet crackers
6. Candy canes
8. Fruit (apples and oranges were standard goodies in the stockings our grandparents prepared for us)
9. Nuts
10. Gum
11. Soda in a glass bottle
12. Popcorn
13. Hot Chocolate Mix 
14. Specialty Coffee Syrup

Gift Cards
15. Gas Cards (I don’t know a person on earth who likes paying for gas, do you? Give them a happy Christmas and cover a few gallons for them)
16. Starbucks (Christmas cheer in the form of a warm cup of joe or tea)
17. Half Price Books (You can make even $5 go a long way here!)
18. Fast Food Restaurants 
19. Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or Jo-Ann’s (For the “crafty” person in your life)
20. Lowe’s or Home Depot (For the homeowner or Chip/Joanna Gaines wannabe in your life)
21. Wal-Mart or Target (Groceries might be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear these, but since those stores carry pretty much everything, you’re basically giving them whatever they want.)
22. Amazon (Everyone has SOMETHING that caught their eye and has taken up permanent residence on their wish list.)
23. iTunes (Give them some new jams)
24. Movie Theater (They get to pick the movie and the time, you get to treat them to the tickets)
25. Ulta/Sephora gift card
26. Best Buy gift card
27. Braum’s/Cold Stone/Marble Slab gift card
28. “Combo” restaurant group gift card (such as the the Red Lobster/Olive Garden or On the Border/Maggiano’s gift cards)
29. Five Below gift card (if you’re not familiar with Five Below, they managed to make the dollar store concept cool and relevant)
30. Dominos/Pizza Hut gift card
31. Whole Foods/Sprout’s (a chance to buy something unusual or gourmet they wouldn’t normally purchase)
32. Cheesecake Factory (give them dessert out!)
33. Teavanna (or other chain tea shop)
34. Cinnabon
35. Shutterfly/Snapfish (for that person who takes tons of pictures…. and never has them printed out)
36. Main Event (or maybe a local bowling alley)

For Kids
37. Road Tape
38. Hot Wheels cars
39. Art supplies (crayons, watercolors, markers, etc.)
40. Sidewalk chalk
41. Small Lego Sets
42. Mini mystery toys (like these mini Thomas trains)
43. Applesauce pouches 
44. Small stuffed animals 
45. Glow sticks
46. Stick on glow-in-the-dark stars
47. Socks (Make it exciting by finding their favorite character! My boys will find Paw Patrol socks in their stockings this year)
48. Lip balm
49. Special bandaids 
50. Cute hair things (ponytail holders, barrettes, headbands, etc.)
51. Bubble bath
52. Melissa and Doug Water Wow (I first heard about these from Stacy over at Humorous Homemaking on her Clutter Free Gift Guide. Imagine a way for your kids to “watercolor” in a reusable book.  It’s like a dream – mess-free art project!)
53. Children’s card game (like Old Maid or Go Fish)
54. Small books
55. New coloring book
56. Fridge letter magnets
57. Children’s music CD (we love Elizabeth Mitchell!)
58. Stainless water bottle
59. Wubbanub (for the kiddo celebrating their first Christmas!)

For Women
60. Tassel Key Chain
61. Lip gloss
62. Nail polish
63. Socks (the really soft, fuzzy kind!)
64. Specialty Tea
65. Coffee Mug
66. Glass Water Bottle
67. Lotion
68. Body Wash
69. Makeup Brushes
70. Planner Supplies 
71. Sharpie Pens 
72. Washi Tape
73. Post-It Notes (or this beautiful holder)
74. Journal
75. Coin Purse
76. Compact Mirror
77. Hand Warmer
78. Mini Mending Kit
78. Cookie Stamp
79. Body Spray
80. Cord Tacos
81. Earrings 

For Men
82. Car Wash Gift Card
83. Car Air Purifier
84. Beard Oil (use our number, 1602685, in both boxes when you order)
85. Car Phone Charger
86. Locally Roasted Coffee
87. Travel Mug
88. T-Shirt
89. Socks 
90. Small Bottle of Cologne or Body Spray
91. Summer SausageBeef Jerky, or Meat Bars
92. Bobino Cord Wraps (to tame those phone charger cords)
93. Flashlight
94. Multi-Tool
95. Poo-Pourri (or our easy DIY alternative)
96. Portable Phone Charger
97. Shoe Polisher Set
98. Smartphone Camera Lenses
99. Mini Bluetooth Speaker
100. Grilling Spices
101. Rubik’s Cube 

BONUS: Favorite Places to Shop for Stocking Stuffers
-Pier 1
-Container Store
-Restoration Hardware (totally unexpected!)

Leave a comment below and tell us….. What are your best stocking stuffer ideas?

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