How Adoption Changed My Life | Part 3: The Story of an Adoptee

This week, we have chosen to focus our posts on adoption- in honor of National Adoption Month. During the next week, we will share the stories of five different women whose lives have each been radically impacted by adoption.

The Story of an Adoptee
Kathryn and I (Ashley) have known each other since 2005. We were in the same youth group at church and were on a student leadership team together in the early days of that ministry. It has always been a joy to my heart to hear Kathryn share her story. She is one of the most bold and bright people I know, empowered to do and be anything the Lord has called her to be, while embracing the uniqueness of her own journey, from her adoption story, through different seasons, to her current place in life. 

C&T: What is your adoption story?
Kathryn: I was adopted through a closed adoption case and my adoptive parents picked me up on the day I was born. My birth mom was 16 years old and that is all that I know about her.

C&T: What led your parents to adopt and how did they handle letting you know about it? Did you always know?
Kathryn: My mom was unable to have children, which is what lead them to adoption. I highly respect the way that my parents handled the communication about being adopted. I honestly don’t remember ever not knowing I was adopted, because my parents shed such a positive light on it. They would tell me that I was so special that they got to pick me out! I am so honored that my parents were open and honest with me about my story.

C&T: How did adoption impact you as a child?
Kathryn: It gave me confidence that I was set apart and that I was chosen by God to be my parents child. When I had a few moments of feeling the emotions of “My birth mom didn’t want me”, I would go back to the fact that I was so blessed to have the parents that I was given and this gave me a feeling of gratitude.

C&T: What would you want people considering adoption to know?
Kathryn: Adoption is a beautiful opportunity to create a family bond that is stronger than blood. It allows a child to know that they are wanted and chosen.

C&T: Based on your experience, what advice do you have for adoptive parents as their child or children have questions about being adopted?
Kathryn: I would say that it is important to always be open with their children to create a sense of trust. Answer their questions and allow them to see the positive side of the story so that they are founded in truth and the confidence of who they are and the love that you have for them.

Kathryn with her husband and parents

C&T: Did you ever struggle with the fact you weren’t raised by your birth parents?
Kathryn: When I was in middle school, I did have some moments where identity issues would arise. What allowed me to move past these moments was knowing that I could be open with my parents about what I was feeling, because they always made me feel that my emotions were valid.

C&T: What is one thing your parents did that helped you love your own story?
Kathryn: They shared with me how much of a blessing I was to them and that I was an answer to prayer. I could tell when they spoke about my adoption that God ordained their steps to lead them to me and that allowed me to feel so humbled.

C&T: How has adoption impacted you as an adult?
Kathryn: Adoption has showed me that all things happen for a reason and that God turns everything around into something beautiful. It has also shown my husband and I that one day we want to do our part, if God opens the door for us to adopt.

C&T: If there is one thing you would want people to know about the process of adoption, what would it be?
Kathryn: From speaking to my mom, I would advise to be open to the adoption process, as adoption may come in all different shapes and sizes. You need to trust the process and know that the end result is well worth the wait.

C&T: What has been the most helpful post-adoption resource or support source for you/your family?
Kathryn: When I was dealing with the emotions I experienced as a middle school student of feeling as though I was unwanted, my church youth group was pivotal in helping me walk through this with love, support and prayer. I can honestly say that, as an adult, I don’t feel as though I am incomplete since I do not know my birth parents.

Kathryn Thompson

Kathryn Thompson was born and raised in Oklahoma City as an only child to an amazing family. She met her husband of going on 7 years when she was 5 years old and went on her first date with him at the age of 16. They were high school sweethearts and she is so thankful God brought him into her life. She went to college in Tulsa, Oklahoma at Oral Roberts University, where she received her BA in Organizational, Interpersonal Communications in 2010. In 2015, Kathryn’s career took her husband and her out to Los Angeles, CA, where they fell in love with the culture, weather and outdoor activities. Kathryn worked for Corporate America for 5 years and then stepped out to build her own business, KT Association, LLC as a Professional Strategist in 2016. She enjoys serving within the Non-Profit, REAL Ministries Foundation, that Kathryn and her husband built in 2010, as well as watching movies and exploring new areas in California. Her life motto that she lives by is “To be the one person that believes in someone else when no one else does.”

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