Why Make A Vision Board + 10 Great Vision Board Tutorials


For years, I had been wanting to create a vision board before I bit the bullet and created mine. I don’t know why I waited so long- it is something I love having in my office every day, reminding me of why I do what I do and inspiring me to keep at it. There were some very helpful things that made my vision a reality (pun intended) and today I want to share those with you.

What is a vision board and why should you make one? A vision board is some sort of board you can hang things on to serve as inspiration and reminders of the “why” behind the “what” you are a part of and working towards! It can sometimes be called a dream board, inspiration board, or mood board, but I most prefer vision board because I found in the project something I could connect my vision with for each area of my life in a visible way. This serves as a tangible reminder each day for the vision behind these activities.

Throughout my long process, I’ve collected a lot of tips and information! Find below some of the best tips and tutorials I’ve discovered and come across!


  • Just buy a board that works- don’t overthink it. I searched and searched and searched for the “perfect” board for almost a year before going with a black-rimmed cork board. It has worked wonderfully and in retrospect, I think I kept putting off buying the board so as to not feel guilty about not starting it because I was making it too hard.
  • Don’t make it too hard. Sacrificing on the cutesy factor a bit for the sake of getting it done isn’t a bad thing if you won’t do it otherwise! (Case in point: I put mine off for almost a whole additional year after buying my board(!!!)- and only got it done when I decided to just start with the basics and not try to do something I didn’t have time for.)
  • Make time to get it done. It’s worth it!
  • Make sure to include inspiration for all of the things you have your hands to. For me, that was school, work, ministry, personal development, future, and relationships! Now, when I’m in the midst of a busy season across all areas, I have inspiration that serves to remind me of any I’m doing what I’m doing!


  1. Close to My Heart presents a streamlined process for creating the content of your vision board, and ultimately I very much copied the entire look of the vision board presented here! Check it out here to find out how to get started with the plan for your vision board.
    Close to My Heart's Vision Board
  2. Cover a cork board in fabric for a lovely look that adds beauty to any space! Homemaking Rebel provides all of the info on how to do this here.
    Homemaking Rebel's Fabric Covered Cork Board
  3. Go simple and chic with a monogrammed board. Landeelu does a spectacular job of making a beautiful board very simple here.
    Landeelu's Monogram Board
  4.  Get fancy with fine frames. Bachelors Way has a great tutorial on an easy way to upgrade your board here.
    Bachelors Way vision board
  5. Go for another type of frame with this one from the House of Smiths. Find out step by step instructions here
  6. Get burlapped! Learn how to create this rustic look curtesy of All Things Heart & Home here.
    All Things Heart & Home's Burlap Board
  7. Use printables- Dawn Nicole Designs has some beautiful ones that easily add inspiration to your board! Check those out here
  8. Set practical content in front of you with this fabulous example from The Fit Switch- find that here.
    The Fit Switch Map of Action
  9. Take a look at this formula for inspirational success from Studio McGee to take your board to the next level. Find that here
  10. Go more simplistic and understated with this beautiful example from Nicole at the Odyssey Online here
    Nicole's Vision Board from the Odyssey Online

Which of these is your favorite? Have you done a vision board before? Tell us in the comments below!

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