Creating a Gift Stash

Creating a Gift Stash

We are almost halfway to Christmas now, can you believe it? These hot summer days make the cold and wintry nights that typically surround Christmastime feel so far away. Yet, I’ve come to you today to share one of the things I started doing early in my marriage that has made gift giving much easier- especially at Christmastime.

I love figuring out the type of gift someone wants. If I don’t have them on my Pinterest feed, then I do my best to figure out the type of personality they are and what they enjoy. I feel like I am a pretty good gift giver, as such, and one fallacy I refuse to believe is that to give a great gift, you have to go out and custom-buy everything for that single person.

That’s why I love having a gift stash. Besides being absolutely perfect for those Christmastime Dirty Santa parties, a gift stash gives you a little pile of gifts to choose from for that birthday party that just came up or that person you just want to cheer up a bit. This stash may come from different places- maybe a fun deal at the store that seems like it would be a perfect gift for someone, maybe even a (*gasp*) regift.  

Building a gift stash gives a base to choose gifts from. In the instances when there is no right or “perfect” gift, I still buy gifts for people, yet quite often I have the perfect gift in my stash. This makes the holidays easier, not to mention those months that seem to have a bazillion birthdays easier. 

Keep your gift stash organized by creating a shelf or a bin you can keep these gif tables stashed away in- and watch your life get easier! 

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