8 Fun Ways To Celebrate Leap Day

8 Fun Ways To Celebrate Leap Day

A lot of us spend a lot of time focused on getting things done and making sure to check everything off our to-do lists. This is why I love the idea of making leap day a day to do something different! So often there are expectations of us, and the idea of taking leap year’s leap day to stop and do something different just because of those close-to-24-hours we skipped over the past four years is quirky and fun.

You know the story: Every four years, we have 366 days instead of 365 days to make up for the few extra hours a year we don’t recognize. Leap day creates an extra day in February, and in some cultures this is a day for unusual traditions. If you’ve watched the movie Leap Year (so cute, so sweet!), you may already know a bit about one such tradition. Just think- even if you live to be 100, that’s only 25 leap days you will experience, and you’ve probably already lived at least five of those. So, start a new tradition (I love those) this leap year by doing something fun and carefree with your “extra day” of the year. 

  • Have a movie night for your family, or make it a chick flick girls’ night with your friends. Some suggestions- you could watch Leap Year for an ironically funny (and cute) choice, Captain America to get ready for the next movie coming out in just a few months, or Big Hero 6 to have a proper kids’ movie night (which adults will still totally love. We watched this movie in the theater for my husband’s birthday last year. And loved it. True story). Pair with some fun snacks to complete! Pinterest seems to suggest that frog-themed snacks are all the rage for Leap Day, but having an unusual meal you don’t usually take the time to cook or don’t usually have around the house is another fun way to celebrate.
  • Take the day to complete projects you just never seem to have time for. Some people enjoy celebrating Leap Day by recognizing it as time to “catch up” on that time you’ve “lost” over the past four years. Now, I’m much more prone to recognize something that is going to be a bit of silly fun, but there are definitely some fun projects you could work on for the day, like making that scrapbook, doing that DIY project, or painting that room. 
  • Declare Leap Day a chill day (or chill evening). Don’t plan on anything but not having plans. Relax, read that book you just haven’t had time to read or catch up on some TV shows. Just be sure to rest.
  • Make a time capsule. If you’re anything like me, scrapbooking and other memory-preserving activities sound awesome, but I struggle to make time to do so. I love the idea of taking the day to look over the past four years by making a time capsule with friends or loved ones, or even as an individual activity, to be opened next Leap Day. It’s doable, it’s fun, it’s unique…what more could you want? (Side note: I made time capsules on the last day of school every year growing up, and I loved it! It is actually a really fun thing to do and look back on.)
  • Recreate your favorite moments from the last four years with a do-over day. Did you love going to that chocolate factory three years ago? Did you have a blast trying that foreign restaurant for the first time? Loved those photo booth moments from your friend’s wedding? Find some local places where you can do similar things- a gourmet chocolate store, a local foreign restaurant, a photo booth at the mall- and have a fun do-over day, celebrating the fun of the last four years.
  • Create a Leap Day date itinerary for your significant other, your kids, or your friends. One thing I love about Leap Day is the chance to do something I wouldn’t normally get to do, yet Leap Day is rare enough, it doesn’t feel like overkill or something hard to sustain. Celebrating in style with a “just because it’s Leap Day” date with loved ones puts no boundaries on what you can do, but creates a fun experience you’ll remember for years to come.
  • Celebrate the last four years at once. If you’re really into fun parties and themes, host a little party of your own, celebrating each of the last four years sequentially. Say it’s a two-hour party? Spend 30 minutes celebrating each year, complete with music, food, and/or memories that remind you of each one.
  • Go to a trampoline park. Take leaping to a whole new level by bouncing and leaping around- just because it’s Leap Day. This is an especially fun and zany idea for kids- and you can take it the next level by imagining and doing things those ten lords a-leaping would have actually done.

Have you ever celebrated Leap Day or do you have some fun Leap Day ideas to share? Comment below!

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