Decorating Your Home in Manageable Steps

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When my husband and I were first married, we were given several pieces of furniture and a generous abundance of home goods. Our cute 800 square foot sky blue 1950s bungalow house was perfect. Every room and corner was cozy and decorated precisely the way we liked it. Fast forward four years and several moves and we’ve found ourselves with more than 1200 additional square feet and some pieces that are flat worn out and we’re starting with a clean slate.

We’ve finalized a few rooms and have some more progress yet to be made.  Along the way we’ve come up with some simple steps to make the process easier and to help it seem less daunting.

  1. One room at a time. Use this method to prioritize your plan of attack. Do you want to focus on your favorite room first? Your highest traffic areas? Rooms that need the least work? Most work?
  2. Plan like crazy. Walk through some furniture stores. Visit a model home. Scour Pinterest. Take time to figure out what you like and why you like it. If you have an oddly shaped room or a unique storage challenge take time to find out what other people have done with a similar issue. I highly recommend making a Pinterest board for your project and pinning your most favorite ideas for quick reference (and to make sure your idea mesh well).
  3. Budget. Determine what you’re willing to spend to make your ideas come to life.  Be realistic.  (But also allow yourself to invest in pieces here and there that will last if your budget allows!)
  4. Baby steps. Unless you just came into a windfall, you probably aren’t going be able to complete every single item on your list.  Content yourself with baby steps. You may only tackle an item per month… but you’re still gaining on your final goal. Putting curtains up here, paint a wall there, hang a new picture up on that wall…. before you know it the entire landscape has completely changed.
  5.  Be mindful of seasons. No, I don’t mean fall or spring. I mean to be aware of the season of life you find yourself in. If you have young children, it may not be the season to invest in an expensive living room set (maybe you can find a budget-friendly option to take the brunt of heavy use and splurge on another set down the road). Maybe you’re in a rental and know that you’ll be moving into a different space in a short period of time. This might be the time to come up with creative solutions with items you already have or spending minimally on solutions for odd corners or small spaces.

Leave a comment below and tell us your favorite tips for making decorating a manageable task!

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