Christmas Hope


“Well, it’s been quite the year,” we all say. It’s a phrase laced with bittersweetness – joy at memories made, a sigh of relief to have closure on the hard parts that the year held, and anticipation of a new year.

What summarizes your year? Was it a year of triumph – goals reached, soared beyond? A year of jubilee – sweet rest, joy, and restoration? Or maybe you’re just weary. Maybe your year was characterized more by grief, strain, or restlessness. What do you need? Hope. What will break the back of weariness? Joy.

“A thrill of hope; the weary world rejoices!”

This is what I love about the Advent season. We wait and long, we anticipate, we recognize, and we celebrate and rejoice all over again! One of my favorite Christmas hymns so opens up so honestly: we’re weary and worn. We crave deliverance and peace. And that cry is answered and fulfilled in the most perfect, seemingly senseless way: the birth of a baby. The God-Child who was born for you to die for you. That’s the thrill of hope that rich hymn talks about.

Rejoice this Christmas. Let the hope of Gospel deliverance thrill your soul. Let your heart “prepare Him room” and let the “light and life” that He brings refresh your spirit.

Merry Christmas
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