Year-in-Review Christmas Tree

I’m completely infatuated with Christmas trees. We have no less that six scattered through our house. For a year now I’ve been planning and scheming about Tree #6. It’s finally up and I’m so excited to share this idea with you.

So many of us take quick snapshots on our cameras and phones. Many of us have Instagram and take it upon ourselves to share our daily life with our friends (or the world) with pictures…. but they stay trapped in the tangled web of internet.

Today, I’m sharing a fun, simple, customizable, super easy, and budget-friendly solution. Sold? If you only tackle one DIY project this holiday season, let this be the one.

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Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Go to Snapfish (or another print source) and link your Instagram account.  Select the photos from the year that mark your most memorable moments and have them mailed to you.
  2. When your prints arrive attach a clip of some kind and a piece of string to the picture.  (I used bulldog clips that I bought for cheap in bulk on Amazon, but you can keep it even more simple by sliding on a paper clip.)
  3. Hang the pictures on your Christmas tree.

See? Wasn’t that easy?

Our tree is scattered with so many precious and fun memories: a new baby, meeting great-grandparents, camping trips, a new puppy, birthdays, date nights, even well-checks at the pediatrician. Every time we walk past the tree we are warmed with special memories from the year- even my toddlers love taking time to look at the pictures.

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