Pottery Barn Style Bedroom Makeover on a Target Budget

Pottery Barn Style
It’s been a goal of ours to upgrade our bedroom furniture and decor for awhile now. We’ve been married for going on four years and some of our “starter” pieces have been showing some wear.

We took a long time to absorb inspiration from Pinterest before making any purchases (Actually, we were just saving up for our purchases…). My husband and I love thumbing through look books from stores like Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, etc. I’m in love with the Anthropologie look, so I like to sneak those catalogs in, too.   

As we took time to feel out our style, we took a trip or two out to our high-end, in-your-dreams-baby stores.  Anthro had the beautiful, vibrant color and rich textures (I tried not to drool in the store.  That would be embarrassing.).  Pottery Barn had the soft down duvets we love too much (it’s like sleeping on a cloud!) and beautiful, but down-to-earth styling.

Inspiration was drawn from both.  Our furniture has warm tones, so we pulled used warmer, bohemian colors and prints (we chose corals and creams, instead of the blues and greys our inspiration offered), but our main inspiration was this display in our local Pottery Barn store.  

For 5.5 seconds we considered splurging and buying the “real deal”.  Sanity returned quickly and we remembered that we have young children who frequently climb up on our bed to cuddle with us.  Also, we did some math…. for the styling we liked, a Pottery Barn set up would run around $1200. No, no, no, no, no.

Next stop, Target.

Now… You need to know something. I’m a Target-a-holic. It’s my one-stop for almost everything. Their prices are good, their style is always cute, and it’s easy to find household items that feel like they will hold up well.

And we saved a nice penny.  That is if you call saving about $800 a penny.

Here are a few pictures of our results and a few tips for saving in your own makeover.

Untitled design
We love pillows. The more the merrier on a bed, am I right? We stuck to creams and a couple gold metallic accents to keep from overwhelming the main pattern and colors in the duvet.
FBPreview (8 of 11)
I’m enjoying learning to style furniture pieces. I bought these items at my local Hobby Lobby during a 40% off home decor sale.

FBPreview (1 of 11) FBPreview (9 of 11)

Tips for Your Own Budget-Friendlier Home Decor Makeover:

  1. Choose a store that offers stylish options without expensive name-brand labels. You can easily mimic over-all styles from upscale stores. Look for colors, patterns, and layers similar to those that caught your eye in the store or your inspiration picture.
  2. Wait for a “white sale” or home goods sale. These roll around pretty frequently. Remember that even just 10% or 15% discounts can add up on larger purchases.
  3. Store card discounts. Because we shop at Target often, we have their Red Card credit card. This saved us a lot in shipping costs and an extra 5% on the bottom line.  Other stores, like Kohl’s, offer additional discounts or cardholder-only coupons.
  4. Find areas where you’re willing to cut corners. In our case, our final product was going to consist of a down-filled duvet on top of another.  Instead of buying two down inserts, we chose to buy one authentic down and one down alternative. The down alternative filled duvet went in the comforter that was folded at the foot of the bed and the authentic down went on the layer that we would use as a cover. This shaved at least $50 off just like that.

Leave a comment and tell us what room in your house you would like to makeover!

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