DIY Reed Diffuser with Essential Oils

DIY Reed Diffuser

For some time now, I’m been wanting to make a DIY reed diffuser, using Essential Oils, for the bathroom. Finally, my time had arrived! I had my supplies and I went for it…and utterly failed. Even while following the most popular recipes on the internet, all I got was a strong alcohol smell and little else. 

So, for take two, I completely departed from those popular recipes (in which there were comments in the comments sections reflecting similar experiences), and this was my result:

I decided to not use alcohol at all, although many blogs claimed they were an important agent in helping the reed diffusers work properly, and I didn’t try vodka, which was a suggestion of several blogs. There were several recipes without alcohol, including the blog at which I found my inspiration for my toilet spray recipe, so I decided to give that a try. I bought these rattan reeds (which are specifically made to diffuse and known for working better than skewers, in most people’s experiences) to use in this bottle. I used 100% grapeseed oil as the carrier oil (which, once you buy it, should be stored in the refrigerator for best results, or in a cool, dark place- of course, this does not apply to the reed diffuser itself).

Many of the blogs without alcohol were very non-specific about amounts to use, so I played it by ear a bit. Here is the recipe I came up with:

1/2 cup grapeseed oil
40 drops of Young Living Essential Oil (I used Clove and White Angelica)
8 rattan reeds

I followed a tip I read on this blog and flipped my reed diffuser ends after an hour to speed up the initial process. My results?

Reed Diffuser Take Two

I was very pleased to come home to a bathroom that smelled like it had a reed diffuser in it, and nothing else! The diffuser created a very mild, warm scent, hinting of fall, as I had desired. If you make this recipe, feel free to use whichever Essential Oils you would like, but in the same quantity of drops. Beware that the scent diffused into the air will be nowhere close to as strong as an electronic diffuser, such as this one, but it remains as a great chemical-free option that doesn’t require electricity, and I think it looks pretty. While I prefer using an electronic diffuser in my home (which requires just the Essential Oils and water), I wanted a reed diffuser in the bathroom, and the mild smell is enough to keep the bathroom smelling fresh.

I’ve chosen to flip the reeds daily, or whenever I think about them (this pumps up the scent a bit, whenever you do this), and to change out the mixture out in about a month or so. Lighter oils are known for going rancid faster than heavier oils, but the lightness is needed to properly travel up the rattan reeds. If you notice your mixture not smelling nice, it only means your oils is turning rancid and it’s time for a new batch. 

Did you use this recipe? What did you think? Do you have a recipe you simply love? Comment below and let us know!

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