The Ugly Green Sofa


There comes a time in every young family’s time that a new living room set is purchased. The sofas that have been in the living room for so long are showing wear, stains, or lumps. They have served their purpose and it’s time to bring in the new.

I remember just such an occasion when I was about 11 or 12 years old. Our old sofa and love seat was about as old as me and it was time to upgrade. The whole family piled in the car and went from furniture store to furniture store to select the new items.

After some looking, the perfect set was located. It was a super deep, dark green number with unusually high arm rests. Perfect!

Fast forward some years and that couch has seen a lot…. a few sick days,  lots of movie nights, happy courting days. My husband and I inherited the ugly green sofa when we were first married (I still laugh… My dad wasn’t much of a fan of the furniture in latter years, but when we got married he changed his tune and it became a “good, solid” piece. Ha!).

It may sound sentimental, but as we near the time that we plan to replace the sofa once and for all, we have been reminded of a couple important lessons… 

  • Contentment is valuable. It’s worth keeping the old stuff a little bit longer for the satisfaction and security of saving for the things you need.
  • There is great blessing in having your needs met, even if it’s not exactly the way you’d like. Heck! We have a sofa! It may not be the color or the shape we like, but we have a furniture in the living room that makes movie nights, reading marathons, and hosting guests possible!
  • Waiting makes the fulfillment even better! When we do get around to replacing the emerald albatross, we will be more grateful for the upgrade!

What household object has taught you a lesson? Leave a comment and tell us! 

Laurel West

Happy Wife. Mom of Three. Homemaker. Christ Follower. Multigenerational Texan. Chai Addict. Photographer. Health Nut. Natural Birth Junkie. Classically Trained Soprano. Founder of Adventures in Oiling. Amateur Graphic Designer.

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One thought on “The Ugly Green Sofa

  1. We were married for 14 years before we could finally buy new furniture and it felt great! Like finally I’m a real grown-up! LOL a year later we moved and couldn’t take the furniture with us! Haha!

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