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A break!? Who has time for a break?  

Maybe your work load is mounting or deadlines are coming up. Maybe you stay at home and it feels like everything needs to be done. Maybe life has been extraordinarily busy and you don’t have time to stop.  

There are times when it seems like we don’t have the time to spare. Truth be told, what we may really need most is to slow down and take a break. My preference for an ideal break is a couple quiet hours in a coffee shop – nothing fancy and totally cliche, but it works for me. There are at least 4 reasons why a break benefits you…

  1. Change of scenery. A break doesn’t necessarily mean removing yourself completely- sometimes you just need a change of scenery. Take a break from being on your feet all day, sitting in a cubicle, or whatever else your day to day typically looks like. Go to an environment that’s comfortable and stimulating.  
  2. Renewal. When I need a break – just some time to reflect or sit in quiet – it amazes me after a short time how ready I am to go back to my routine. My focus and vision are renewed.
  3. Clearing of the cobwebs. We race around everywhere and live life at a crazy-fast pace. Not only is quiet good for you – you need it!
  4. Brainstorms. I love sitting down and just dreaming up new ideas.  Breaks are the perfect chance to brainstorm exciting plans and ideas for the future!

When was the last time you took a break? Tell us in the comments.

Laurel West

Happy Wife. Mom of Three. Homemaker. Christ Follower. Multigenerational Texan. Chai Addict. Photographer. Health Nut. Natural Birth Junkie. Classically Trained Soprano. Founder of Adventures in Oiling. Amateur Graphic Designer.

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