Radiant Glow Toner

I’ve had problem skin for years.  Maybe you’re like me and you’ve tried many different potential solutions.  I’ve spent a nice chunk of money on a variety of washes, toners, and creams that have promised dream skin.  Been there.

I’ve finally found a toner I’m happy with, which is now one of my favorite skin care products. It is a simple toner solution. I mixed it up on my own with a variety of favorite essential oils that support healthy skin.

Make a batch and see if you don’t love it!

Radiant Glow Tonger
A gentle toner that supports healthy skin.
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  1. 8 oz. Witch Hazel
  2. 5-7 drops Thieves essential oil blend
  3. 5-7 drops Purification essential oil blend
  4. 5-7 Elemi or Frankincense essential oil
  5. Optional additional oils: Melrose and/or Lavender
  1. Add all ingredients to a storage container.
  2. Shake gently before applying to cotton ball.
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