Maximize Your Space With What You’ve Got

Maximizing Your Space

Perhaps you’ve decided it’s time for a change in the look of your home. Perhaps your budget isn’t allowing for any new decorative pieces this month, but you want to spruce things up. Perhaps you have a lot going on in a small space and you aren’t sure what needs to happen. Perhaps you have a large space and you aren’t sure how to fill it up with what you have. Today, I want to share with you how to maximize your space with what you’ve already got on hand. 

Before we got married, my husband and I took a look at the house we were going to live in together and brainstormed how to make it work in a way we both liked. My husband was already living there, so we had to think outside of the picture that we saw in front of us and decide on a picture that would work for us as a couple. I only realized what a great thing it was that we did that together when we were assigned to do that very thing, just a couple months later, in a pre-marital counseling session (read: communication exercise). Our little brainstorming session transformed the house from a bachelor pad into our future home together, utilized every piece of furniture either one of us was bringing into the marriage, and made plain which pieces we most wanted to add down the road. 

Here are five easy steps to help you maximize your space with what you’ve got:

  1. Decide on your vision for the space. It is completely fine if this vision changes as you go through this process, but start with what you want the space to look like. Don’t be too dreamy- think realistically, in terms of what you have to work with- but also don’t be afraid to go outside the conventional box of how a space should be set up, in order to fit your taste. If drawing or writing things down helps you, go for it.
  2. Start with the furniture. Rearrange your furniture first to cut down on the need to move things around a bunch. What feel are you wanting for your space? Do you prefer open or compact? Move things around to fit your personal style.
  3. Gather all of your decor in one place. Put together all the choices you have to choose from. You can literally gather all the decor from your entire house if this is a house-wide project, or just the room you are working on if you are only planning to do this for one space. If your ultimate goal is to do the entire house, I encourage you to get all of your decor together from the start to make the most difference in the feel of your space. Don’t forget to grab any DIY pieces or pieces you have in storage before going on to step 4. 
  4. Cultivate the feel you want the room to have with your decor. Are you the less-is-more type? Do you like lots of little trinkets? Arrange your space to reflect who you are. If you have a bunch leftover, that’s wonderful! You can later disperse them around the house as you go from room to room, and if, when you are finished, you still have stuff left over, that’s okay. Don’t over-do it; by doing one room at a time, you will be able to figure out the look (and amount of decor) you like most. If you feel like you need more decor, that’s okay, because…
  5. When you have finished, decide what’s next. Do you need some fresh paint or a new color in the near future? Possibly an accent wall? Do you need some additional pieces? Do you have a bunch of decor leftover? Make a list of the priority pieces to get or replace. Sell or give away any unneeded extras you may have. If you sell anything, you could use that money to turn around a buy an extra piece or two.

Viola! You now how a completely re-thought space, and if you have applied this to your entire house, you likely have remixed some of your furniture or at least decor piece placements. Your space should feel better utilized, and you should be able to see what the natural next step is to further develop the space. Feel like you need a bit of inspiration for the vision of the area you want to improve? Head over to Pinterest to find ideas, and don’t forget to follow us while you’re at it!

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