The Family Fun Box

You finally have a free weekend. “Let’s do something fun!” you say, and everyone agrees. Then, the whole family stares at each other, wondering, “What are we going to do?” Caught in the moment, minds go blank. We have found ourselves in a similar predicament more than once, so we came up with a solution called the Family Fun Box.  

Inside the Family Fun Box are slips of paper, each containing one suggestion for a fun activity or outing. They’re grouped into three categories: Free, Affordable, and Splurge. This way, we can either have a fun experience on the fly or plan for a bigger outing.  This is also a great tool to have on hand during the summer when school is out.

To create your own Family Fun Box you’re going to need a box (or jar, basket, etc.), a stack of small pieces of paper, and a brainstorming session with your fam. Take time to think through the things you like to do together and write them down. Color code your slips of paper or mark them (with highlighters, colored tape, etc.) to indicate which category they fall into (again, the categories are Free, Affordable, and Splurge). You can keep it simple or get more creative with your box. When you’re done, put all of your ideas in the box and keep it nearby.  When the time comes when you’re looking for a fun activity, pull out a slip to determine what kind of fun your family gets to have!

We’d like to give you a jumpstart in compiling your own Family Fun Box, so here is a list of some activities for you to draw inspiration from:

Have a picnic
Camp in the backyard
Take a trip to the pet store
Pick a movie from the library and have a movie night
Make cookies
Visit a splash pad
Perform random acts of kindness as a family
Sip Coke floats
Do a puzzle
Make homemade pizza with all the toppings
Go to a botanical garden and look for butterflies
Volunteer at a food bank, animal shelter, soup kitchen, etc. (especially if you have older children)
Build a blanket fort
Go on a hike
Declare a pajama day
Read aloud (board books if you have little ones, an enjoyable classic if you have older kids)
Go on a scavenger hunt
Breakfast in bed for the whole family (everyone gathers in Dad & Mom’s room)
Take a bike ride
Explore on a nature walk
Color (admit it – even adults love to color)
Decorate your sidewalks or patio with chalk
Visit a lake
Have a garage sale (and use the proceeds to finance a “Splurge” fun activity)
Blow and chase bubbles in the backyard
Play at the playground
Fly kites
Visit residents at a retirement home
Work puzzles
Start a family change jar (to finance fun outings)
Visit a local farm
Have a video game tournament
Tour a nearby factory or production facility
Hunker down for a movie marathon
Make a family bucket list or plan your dream family vacation (dreaming about it is half the fun!)
Start a dance party in the living room
Dress like superheroes (use items from around the house to make costumes)
Swim at the pool
Watch the clouds roll by and look for shapes
Set up a makeshift photo booth
Give each other manicures (for the girls in the family)
Visit a historic downtown near you
Make s’mores
Go fishing
Assemble a time capsule
Deliver cookies to the first responders at a fire station

Go bowling
Take in a movie at a dollar theater
Plant flowers
Visit an orchard or a berry patch and pick your own bounty
Explore special food trucks
Buy a new board game or puzzle
Visit a new restaurant
Send letters to grandparents, missionaries, or the troops
Go on a hayride
Make ice cream sundaes (everyone gets to pick their favorite topping)
Play paintball
Invite friends over for a cookout
Rent a movie and let everyone pick out their favorite theater candy
Learn together at a self-defense class
Build a birdhouse
Skate at an ice rink
Learn a new skill (or make a special project) at a local hardware store (many offer fun projects for children on the weekends)
Make a fruit bouquet
Practice at a batting cage
Watch an air show
Buy a new movie and bring in pizza
Get snow cones
Go to an old fashioned soda fountain
Plan and prepare a special meal (from appetizer to dessert)
Make a family quilt
Paint a wall in your house with chalkboard paint
Have a fast food and froyo outing
Visit a pumpkin patch
Learn at a history museum
Get a treat at a cupcake or chocolate shop
Go to a petting zoo
Take a train ride
Refinish or repurpose a piece of furniture together
Get a goldfish or hamster (of course, make sure you’re prepared to care for the little guy)
Take the teenagers to a shooting range
Visit a farmer’s market
Go to a skate park
Run a 5K (or a family fun run, if you have younger children)
Play putt-putt
Make a seasonal decor project for your home

Take a trip to the zoo as a family (or get season passes to inaugurate many fun zoo outings)
Go to a waterpark
Take in a play, opera, or symphony (many places offer programs geared for younger children, too)
Go on a shopping spree (everyone gets to pick out something special – be sure to set your budget before you go)
Take a helicopter ride (perhaps a tour of your city)
Enjoy dinner at a waterfront restaurant (or a dinner cruise)
Take an art, cooking or some other special interest class as a family
Go to the big game (football, baseball, basketball, etc.)
Have a staycation day (sleep in, eat out, and choose a touristy thing or two to enjoy in your area)
Hire a photographer to take updated family pictures
See a movie at a dinner theater
Go to an aquarium
View a special IMAX movie
Visit a planetarium
Spend the day at an amusement park
Have fun at an entertainment center (such as Main Event) for laser tag, bowling, arcade games, etc.
Go on a weekend getaway (or a least a special over-nighter)

Which of these is one you could easily do in the next week?

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