DIY: Fresh Smells Toilet Spray

A few years ago, a certain toilet spray hit the market and everyone went bonkers when they discovered how well it worked. Magazine ads and television commercials featured this spray in a way some people found to be charmingly tongue-in-cheek, people bought it, and the world was changed. Dramatic much? Never.

A dear friend gag-gifted a set of this certain toilet spray at a gathering less than a couple months after my husband & I tied the knot…and we “won” one. I laughed at the gift…I had no idea what a treasure that little bottle would be.

For the past two years, I have only allowed us to run out twice and immediately smelled noticed the difference. That hasn’t happened again. I can’t emphasize enough what a weird little blessing this spray is to have in the bathroom of a small rental home. I was so grateful to discover a few DIY versions of this spray, and after some trial and error, found “my version”. This recipe really does help the bathroom smell fresh…ALL the time. And for you women looking for a good way to get hubby on board with the oils, try this. It’s pretty much the perfect stocking stuffer that will be used for always.

Fresh Smells Toilet Spray


Here are quick links to the oils we use:

One quick tip- this specific blend of Essential Oils works VERY well, in my experience. I have tested this recipe with different oils and fragrances and there is something about this specific blend that works fabulously.

Looking for a glass bottle? Order one here.

Have you used a toilet spray before? Do you love it? Comment below!

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