The House That’s Always Clean

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Two years ago I was a brand new mom.  Sleep was scarce.  I was still very much in postpartum recovery mode.  Eating three meals a day was a pretty major accomplishment.  I found myself in a place where I couldn’t remember the last time I had accomplished basic cleaning tasks (*gag!*) and my husband & I both stayed up incredibly late trying to restore some sort of order to our home.  The thought of having a consistently clean home seemed almost unattainable.  In desperation, I reached out to a few friends that I trusted and respected and asked for encouragement and help with many aspects of my new life as a mommy.

My friend Hope responded and gave a few suggestions that helped me greatly.  One of the gems she shared was an idea to plan my cleaning schedule out over a full month.  Honestly, at first that seemed a little odd, but when she explained that the goal – and result – was a house that was thoroughly cleaned every month, I was sold.  (Make sure you check out her blog and her own suggestions for this method.)


Your steps to a house that’s always clean are surprisingly simple:

  1. Print your schedule. Click to View Free Cleaning Schedule Printable
  2. Make a list of the various tasks that you need to accomplish for you to feel like your house is clean.  (Don’t get overwhelmed at this point… we’re about to make it easier!)
  3. Go through your list and assign one of those to-dos to each day in the coming month.  If there’s a day that you know tends to be busy (for example, Monday is my grocery shopping day) make it a catch up day or a rest day.

The result?  You are guaranteed that your entire home will be cleaned during the month.

This has simplified life so much.  No, my house isn’t flawless and no, I don’t accomplish every day’s cleaning job without fail, but it’s so much better than it used to be!

Leave a comment below and tell us one tip you’ve learned to help keep your home tidy.

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